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NPG Extreme Class Lotion - Hashimoto Arina

Brand: NPG

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The love liquid of Hashimoto Arina, it is made to not only match any kind of masturbator, but also the ones that she endorses. With this lube, your fantasy of having sex with her becomes more realistic!

NPG Extreme Class Lotion - Hashimoto Arina

ID: 9455

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80 ml / 100g


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Product Details

The lube is endorsed by famous Japanese porn star Hashimoto Arina. Along with her masturbator, users can buy both products to get a taste of the 4D experience, while watching their favourite porn clip of hers.

Made to enhance sensations, this lube is essential to bringing out the pleasure of masturbators.

Product Characteristics:
- Lube endorsed by Hashimoto Arina
- Water-based
- Easy to clean

Product Specifications:
- Volume: 100mL

Originated from Japan