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NPG Beautilful Maid Instant Service - Eimi Fukada

Brand: NPG

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She is always there for you when you need her. She doesn’t care how you treat her. Called the Beautiful Maid, endorsed by the famous Japanese porn star, Eimi Fukada, your pleasure is her priority. With the inside lined with extra slightly pointy protrusions catered to your pleasure, when your shaft grazes through her, you easily feel the tingly senses.

NPG Beautilful Maid Instant Service - Eimi Fukada

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1pc / 555g


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Product Details

Eimi Fukada can instantly serve users at a drop of the hat. The bead-like protrusions are perfect for those who like to wank with a little more force or speed, not overwhelming the users. Her redness indicates the maid’s readiness, aroused for your pleasure anytime.

The love tunnel is sectioned into 6 parts that create different sensations, catering to parts from the shaft to the head. The entrance is realistically pleasing, not to mention the light weight material that gives quick and long wanks an advantage.

The tunnel is tight for overall intense stimulation. The mini ridges in the six sections are first distributed evenly and abundantly at the entrance, then there is an enlarged ridge in the middle-bottom part for stronger friction. Close to the end, there are large ridges along the tunnel for some more built up pleasure. Finally, the end of the tunnel consists of tiny ridges to massage the head.

Product characteristics:
- 6 intricate sections for sexual sensations
- Dual layered
- Non-porous

- Weight: 380g
- Length: 145mm
- Width: 85mm
- Height: 75mm

Imported from Japan