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NPG Temptation Young Wife Ripe Meiki - Nagai Maria

Brand: NPG

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The realistic sucking masturbator is designed around the young wife, Nagai Maria. It has an extremely soft texture, combined with stimulating protrusions that tightly envelopes your shaft, achieving that meaty penetration! Not to mention the ribbed curves along the vagina, which would guarantee intense satisfaction and super realistic sensations.

NPG Temptation Young Wife Ripe Meiki - Nagai Maria

ID: 9360

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1pc / 820g


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Product Details

Young wife Nagai Maria has lived a lustful life, determined to train her vagina capable of tightening and creating a pleasurable suction, giving users the realistic penetrating experience.

The hefty, seductive vaginal walls are designed into stimulating curves, with soft meaty texture, as well as an extra swollen G-spot for your pleasure. The deeper your shaft gets, the tighter the canal becomes, pushing everything to the most realistic level!

Product characteristics:
- Highly simulated vaginal canal
- Made of super soft material
- Stimulating protrusions
- Enlarged G-spot
- Non-porous
- Reusable

- Dimensions:170×100x80cm
- Weight: 580g

Made in Japan