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Sucking & Rolling Your Sweet Spots!
Revolutionary . Customizable . Automated Double Headed Vibrator, Lora DiCarlo - OSÉ 2

Sex toys have become more and more advanced and automated! It’s almost too difficult not to reach orgasms! #NewArrival Here we will introduce the second revolutionary double-headed vibrator, rubbing the G spot “rolling-style”!

OSÉ 2 has two key characteristics:

1. The toy is combined with the clitoral sucking vibrator - Baci & “rolling” G spot vibrator - Onda! It stimulates the vagina’s two sensitive spots - C spot and G spot, sucking and rolling style at the same time!

2. It has an extremely flexible body! You can easily find your most comfortable sweet spot, reaching mixed orgasms!

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Brief Introduction

Lora DiCarlo is established in 2017. The founder and CEO, Lora Haddock DiCarlo, collaborated with the robotic and engineering laboratory in USA’s Oregon State University, developing different kinds of revolutionary sex toys. In 2019, they are awarded with the CES 2019 Innovation Award from the Consumer Technology Association. Lora DiCarlo advocates and promotes gender equality, so their toys are all gender-neutral, suitable for any sexuality. Currently, there is even the famous British model/actress, Cara Delevingne to be the company’s co-owner and creative advisor! They make a powerful team! We welcome all of you to come over at WANTA - Causeway Bay Store, to check out their innovative technology.

Supermodel Cara Delevingne also recommended OSÉ. Wouldn’t you want to try it out yourself?!

OSÉ 2 Overall Performance & Rating

Strengths: The body is long enough, with automated rolling massages on the G spot. One doesn’t have to hold it with their hands!
It is also very flexible! One can play with it in any position and style! One can use either both heads or one of the heads.

Drawbacks: The body is straight and long. For people who like to stimulate the G-spot with an upwards direction, and want to simultaneously use the suction vibrator, they need some time to adjust the penetrative part. As for volume, it is quiet once inserted.

Testing & Tips for Using OSÉ 2

From the moment I saw Lora DiCarlo’s products, it gave me the impression that they are really innovative, I couldn’t wait to test them out myself!

They know how to suck, roll, and tap!

It is a literal breakthrough in the world of sex toys! Among the numerous toys that our WANTA sex toys enthusiasts have played with, it’s the first time seeing such advanced toys!

Lora DiCarlo’s OSÉ 2 is incredible - it combines their clitoral sucking vibrator - Baci (Upper left) & “Rolling-style” G spot Vibrator - Onda (Lower left)! Simultaneously stimulating the C spot and G spot with the suction and rolling.

First Approach:

Dismissing OSÉ 2’s dildo portion, use the suction vibrator, Baci to warm up; When wet enough, insert the G-spot dildo, Onda. Lora DiCarlo’s suction vibrator utilises their exclusive Airflow Technology, with 10 intensities and patterns, creating a caressing/sucking feeling.

The suction vibrator portion is quite weighted.

When laying down, only using the thighs to hold it, it feels like having your partner’s head in between your legs, going down on you.

Second Approach:

First insert the dildo portion, Onda. Then adjust the position of the suction vibrator. Immediately embark on the journey to experiencing mixed orgasm! Once you have found the most comfortable position and angle, turn on the power button J, and then press onto the G button, activating the clitoral sucking vibrator. Depending on your personal preference and level of arousal, activate the rolling in the G-spot dildo by pressing onto the I button!

Who would have thought that this tiny rolling ball can be this effective?!

It’s like a partner’s fingers massaging the G spot up and down! Could it be another new generation of magic fingers?!

The G-spot massager is straight and long, so in order to feel the rolling-style massage, you have to slightly tilt the massager upwards, pressing your sweet spot. You can even press the H button to control the extent of rolling.

Once you’re all set, you will feel the stimulation coming from both externally and internally! Here comes your wonderful mixed orgasm!

For more info of the product: Unboxing video>>

Revolutionary Double-headed OSÉ 2
Inducing G spot Orgasms “Rolling Style”!

Lora DiCarlo’s sex toy technology truly is impressive! Their toys are more innovative and personalized! No wonder OSÉ 2 is the winner of the CES 2019 Innovation Award! You can adjust the double-headed vibrator according to your own body and preferences, finding the perfect position. We have tried a lot of vibrating massagers, but it’s the very first time we have tried a “rolling” massager! This “Rolling” up and down massage, can surely mimic Golden Fingers!

“Sucking” outside, “Rolling” inside, Guarantee you an irreplicable “Mixed Orgasm”!

Try it out now!
The OSÉ 2 which Supermodel Cara Delevingne recommends!