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Men Cum and Women Squirt with
Lovense - EDGE 2, the Prostate Massager!

Whether or not you have a partner during this Valentine’s, you can’t miss out Lovense’s three newly released long distance vibrators! Each couple needs at least two of them, as you can self play with both an internal and an external toy for an unique sensation.

Lush 3


Edge 2

Lovense - EDGE 2 is the toy that gets you hooked! Women can also use it despite it being designed for prostates!

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EDGE 2 - Male Review
🍆How he came hand-free twice!>>

EDGE 2 - Female Review
How she squirted!💦>>

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Strengths of Lovense's Toys - You Can Play The Toys Anywhere & Anytime! However You Want!

Our Wanta team of Sex Toys Enthusiasts can guarantee that Lovense’s long distance vibrators won’t disappoint you! Firstly, allow us to introduce their strengths:

1. Lovense Remote App has literally the best user interface for sex toys!

Connecting a Lovense toy to a phone takes less than 30 seconds! Very simple and easy to use!

2. Apart from using your own phong to control the vibrational intensities and modes, you can also use music and voice control! You can even try out the vibrational patterns other users have created on the platform. With their toys, you can play with it however, wherever and whenever you please!

3. You can even play with people around the world. There are no geological limitations, allowing you to play with whoever you please!

With yourself, your partner or an online hookup date!

Lovense - EDGE 2

Our Wanta team of Sex Toys Enthusiasts discovered the most special aspect about Edge 2, which was originally designed for prostate pleasure:

Both men and women can use it!
Said to be a prostate toy, people with vaginas can also use it?!

Although EDGE 2 is specifically for prostates, but curious Mistress Mona saw how Scotty Hotty came TWICE hands-free with EDGE 2, and she thought, “It’s a strong toy...Can vaginas enjoy its vibrations too?!

Turns out, the toy made her squirt!

Click to immediately read:

EDGE 2 - Male Review
🍆How he came hand-free twice!>>

EDGE 2 - Female Review
How she squirted!💦>>

Scotty Hotty’s Review on EDGE 2
Got disciplined till he came two times in a row?!💥

I took the Edge 2 out of the box and the first thought I had was “wow that's kinda big!”. I liked the shape and the smooth texture of the material, it's got some weight to it as well. It’s indeed a superior quality than many other butt toys, so I was feeling more excited. I installed the Lovense Remote App, turned on the (GPS &) Bluetooth and played with the toy in my hand.

The curvy side is for the anus, and the other side with the charging port outside is for the balls.

I adjusted the prostate massager, pushed the buttons and wow!

The vibrations packed a punch. It's pretty powerful.

It took a bit of time, considering the size of the toy, but after sliding it in, I got myself comfortable and started playing around with the App. One vibrator was inside of my butt, the other one was outside, touching my balls. I turned the pattern setting up and down, or even both at the same time. It was quite intense when both were full on power.

I could feel the vibrations shooting down my legs, pulsing my insides.

After that, I sent an invitation (Live) to Mistress Mona to join in, and she IMMEDIATELY connected her phone with my toy and took control of my body.

(Left: Mona/ Right: Controller’s Perspective)

It's really exciting to have someone else controlling my body & pleasure.

She moved the vibration power up and down, not giving a hint of what she would do next. The sensation of not knowing what was coming next made me feel even more excited.

The vibrator between my balls got me so hard so fast.

As Mona played around with me I started masturbating and

I could feel the pressure on my prostate intensify. My insides were gripping the toy inside me.

As I got ready to cum the feeling was so strong, the pleasure building up inside me was triggered all at once. I came so much without wanking, and it felt extremely amazing. We kept on playing until I came for the second time. And I couldn't go on anymore. And needed to stop. The massager just slipped out after that and my ass was finished for the day.

p.s I love how easy it is to clean with a bit of soap and charge through USB charger & magnets.

Mistress Mona’s Review on Using EDGE 2

This toy is truly something! I bow down to it!
Once inserted and pressed onto my G spot,
already I feel like squirting!💦

Put the curvy side inside either the vagina or the anus,
and the side with the charging port outside for the clit.

Put the curvy side inside either the vagina or the anus, and the side with the charging port outside.

After being played by me, Scotty Hotty wanted to punish me back🙈 He even begged me to control me. It was understandable because we haven’t seen each other for a while, with us busy with work, and living far from each other... That’s why Lovense’s toys are perfect! All this time he wanted to make me squirt, and finally he’s done it!

Once EDGE 2 went into my vagina, the ridge pressed onto my G spot, and it was like I’m on cloud nine~

If it’s hard to slide inside, apart from adding lube, you can also try adjusting the angle and relax your vagina. Wearing EDGE 2 with the vagina, you can also do anal ♡ Or you can directly wear with the anus, but if you are going to do so, remember to put on a condom. Don’t put it into the vagina directly after playing with your backdoor, otherwise infections can happen.

I was outside. Once I sent the Live invitation to Scotty Hotty, he couldn’t wait, and immediately took control on the explosive vibrations! The mystery of not knowing if he is going to make it stronger or weaker is so very exciting. I tried so hard to suppress my moans.

Stimulating my G spot, It was even harder to not moan out loud! That was unbearable!

With every step I took, EDGE 2 thrusted in and out. I was walking like a crab, feeling conflictingly tired and good🥵🔥 It was so much more intense the moment I sat down🤯, with the vibrator directly hitting my G spot.

I knew I had to squirt right at once💦
I can’t. I surrender~

I couldn’t handle it, feeling my whole body heat up with immense pleasure. I rushed into the washroom to deal with myself being such a hot mess!

Haha, Scotty Hotty can’t escape this Valentine’s!😈

I also tried out voice control, vibrating myself while I was playing video games. It stimulated me as there was no problem at all. The whole process was so smooth! I could play with it while sexting or sending pictures;) Even when I leave the app, it would still vibrate as usual~ Such a fun toy👍


This prostate toy, EDGE 2, can be enjoyed by both prostates and vaginas! Doubtless you would get all wet from it! Lovense’s toys are renowned for their app connecting function with Lovense Remote, allowing anyone from around the world, even without a toy, to control someone else’s toys.