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Lelo Sona Reviews by ladies from Hong Kong

A lot of customers considering clitoral sucking vibrators have asked Wanta a common question - What is the Actual Difference between LELO SONA 2 & SONA 2 CRUISE? That is why our team of Sex Toy Enthusiasts tested both of them out for you, and wrote an article explaining the difference. There were two limited time offers as well - LELO SONA 2 & SONA 2 CRUISE 【Lucky Draw】& 【Review】Cash Points Rebate.

After some time, we would like to announce the report of the event! We have already contacted the winners of the lucky draw and gave out the two SONA devices. Congrats to the two lucky participants! For the sake of further helping our customers make their decision on buying their very own clitoral sucking vibrator, we will also post out the reviews of those who have purchased SONA, hence also exemplify why LELO SONA is one of the few recently popular choices!

WANTA | LELO SONA 2 & SONA 2 Cruise Review Report

【Featured Reviews】

“Generally, how would you (Wanta Customer) describe SONA?”

1. In the past, I’ve only used traditional vibrators and bullets, but since getting my hands on Sona Cruise, it has brought me closer to an easier and realistic orgasm, as if it’s really invoked from actual sex. (SONA 2 Cruise)

2. The stimulation feels decent. I’ve used Cruise for almost an hour. Expected that I could squirt, but to no avail, instead I’ve only orgasmed without squirting. (SONA 2 Cruise)

3. The whole experience is really comfortable. Whether it be for my own needs, or adding some spice into partnered sex, SONA 2 is integrates into them very suitably. I’ve used it for a long time, so it is very durable. I don’t really need to always charge it, making it really convenient to use. And bonus points for the cool look (mine is black). (Black SONA 2)

Wanta would like to express our utmost gratitude to every single person who participated in this event. Do keep tabs on our weekly updates where we will continue providing more events and offers. Thank you all.