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Lovetoy - Bondage Fetish Silicone Comfort Nipple Suckers

Brand: Lovetoy

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Gentle suction for enhanced sensations. Coming in pairs, these nipple suckers have a big base and hole for suction embodying comfort and pinching pleasure. Made of body-silicone, they are designed for easy handling with a simple bulb, allowing your hands to roam free on other parts of the body while having the nipples stimulated.

Lovetoy - Bondage Fetish Silicone Comfort Nipple Suckers

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1pc / 53g


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Reviewer:匿名, 2021/5/15 上午 05:48:36

Product Details

For those who have nipples that enjoy stimulation, these nipple suckers are one of the best starting toys to enhance their sensual and sexual experience. They offer a rather gentle suction, making it less intense than clippers, which makes them a more suitable toy for users who want to ease into nipple play.

These silicone nipple suckers promise extra comfort not only with their material, but also the structure and their advantage with area coverage. The broad base covers a larger area of the nipples, extending to the areola region that can also be sensitive to some.

The suction that easily helps the suckers stick in place promotes heightened sensitivity. While engaging in couple play, the nipple suckers do the work for rendering nipples erected, so after removing the suckers, users will notice a significant change in reaction because of the amplified sensitivity.

Product characteristics:
- A pair of velvety-soft black silicone nipple suckers
- Applies easy and strong suction for sensitivity
- Leaves nipples erect and extra sensitive to touch
- The perfect introduction for beginners in nipple play

- Material: body-safe silicone
- Size: 2.4 inches
- Weight: 18.2 g

Imported from HK