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Okamoto 0.01 L size Box of 3

Brand: Okamoto

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Okamoto 0.01 Large size is the perfect condom for big man.

Okamoto 0.01 L size Box of 3

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Box of 3 / 21g


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Product Details

Okamoto 0.01 Large size is bigger than normal size 2mm in diameter, is the newest breakthrough from Okamoto. Using the odorless material Polyurethane, a material that is more durable than traditional latex condom. With the cutting edge technique of Okamoto, this new invention is more stretchy than ever before. With a better heat-conduction than the traditional latex condom, Okamoto 0.01 allows you to feel the body temperature of your partner. Bringing you and your partner closer, reaching a new level of intimacy, enjoying the dreamy safe sex without barrier.

Product Characteristics:
- Bigger than normal size 2mm in diameter
- Well-lubricated on both sides
- Very good heat-conduction
- Stretchy - Durable
- Soft
- Odorless

Product Spec:
- Made of Polyurethane
- Colorless

Made in Japan