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What You Need to Know About Licking Vaginas
with Glyde Sheer Latex Oral Dams

Why do dental dams exist? Because you can still get and transmit STDs through oral sex.

Dental dams are condoms of oral sex,

greatly reducing the chances of infections such as STDs, syphilis, gonorrhoea, chlamydia, hepatitis, and HIV. In addition, some people don’t like the taste or smell of private parts. People receiving oral are often embarrassed leaving their private parts bare for licking.

You Can Use it Anywhere You Like!
It’s for Any Body Parts!

A dental dam is a thin, flexible piece of latex that protects against direct mouth-to-genital contact during oral sex. They are not only used for cunnilingus (vagina licking) but also rimming (anus licking) and blow jobs.

In this article, Magic Fingers from Wanta’s Team of Sex Toy Enthusiasts is going to start from her afterthoughts on using Glyde Sheer Latex Oral Dams, and share with you the basics of cunnilingus, i.e. how to please the vagina with your mouth.

Licking with
Glyde Sheer Latex Oral Dams

Skills of Licking Vaginas

Licking Vaginas with Glyde Sheer Latex Oral Dams

I’ve tried several brands before, and this one is so far the best I’ve ever tried, because of a couple of reasons:

  1. It is thin
  2. Using this Glyde Sheer Latex Oral Dam, it is thick enough for protection, and thin enough for pleasure; unlike other thick dental dams. Just like condoms, people prefer thin ones because of the intimate touch they get to experience. My girlfriend’s moans are almost as loud as when I go down on her without barriers.

  3. You are not just licking latex
  4. The condoms I used before had this strong latex scent, making my girlfriend taste like pure latex. But for Glyde Sheer’s ones, they come in four different flavours, with vanilla as my favourite. The latex smell and taste are not as strong as the usual ones I tried. That way I could put my attention fully on her vagina without distractions.

Skills of Licking Vaginas

It can be very stimulating if you know how to please with your tongue. Apart from being observant of your partner’s reactions, certain things are generally pleasurable. But of course, everyone feels differently. That’s why you can try out different things with your tongue. Everyone has a simple tongue with so much potential.


There are many misconceptions about going down on a person. Some people think it’s a must to draw circles around the clit, while some write alphabets with their tongue. Yet, those are not always the most stimulating kind of motions.

The best way to know what they like is to ask them.

If they don’t know, try out different tongue movement and observe their reactions.

These are some motions you can try out:

  • up and down (popular among women)
  • clockwise circles
  • counterclockwise circles
  • side to side
  • pulsating in one spot
  • wrap your mouth around the clit and lightly suck (most stimulating)
  • Even shake your head


ALWAYS START SLOW. It is easier for someone to ask you to lick faster than to lick more slowly. Start with gentle and slow licks on the sensitive areas outside of the clit, building up the tension and desire. And work your way up to the jackpot, and once your tongue lands on the clit, the release in tension is sure to arouse both of you even more.


Aside from pace, the pressure is key to a good eating out. Similar to pace, try starting light and working your way up, occasionally lighten the pressure for the person to take a break, or if it’s their cup of tea, keep stroking them hard.


Missionary: the most comfortable position, allowing women to relax and focus on feeling the pleasure.

69: both of you can have fun and pleasure, and it’s visually stimulating, but could be quite distracting if you are the one who cannot do a good job with your mouth.

Face-sitting: one sits on another’s face, while the person is lying down. The sensation can be very arousing for the person being sat at, considering they are riding your face.

Apart from these positions, there are many more, like having the person being eaten out sit on a surface or platform or standing behind the edge of the bed.

Protip: Making sounds like moans and grunts
can create a vibrating feel, which is extra stimulating!

Now that you have some of these tricks in your bag, buy yourself and your partner some Glyde Sheer Latex Oral Dams, and try out the tricks yourself! These dental dams are sure to help some of you take your first step into the wondrous world of eating out vaginas.