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Remote Control G-Spot Vibrator - Lush 3!

Lush sold like a hot cake a few years ago because of their well-developed app - Lovense Remote and brought up by Cam Girls and amateurs (on Pornhub), non-stop squirting & earning money from Lush 2. Lovense, known for developing the best app for their highly interactive sex toys, has now developed their most innovative sex toy: Lush 3!

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How is Lush 3 different from Lush 2? >>

Powerful Tips To Play With Lush 3 >>

A Lush 3 Review & Love Story by Fiery Amber >>

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How is Lush 3 Different From Lush 2?
Offering You A Brand New Experience

There are few differences between Lush 2 and Lush 3. The main change is the shape of the tail is stronger, making it embrace the intimate part even better. It is indeed more comfortable and stable.

Second, it’s the charging port. It has been changed to a magnetic charging, also relocated to the tail of the toy, and the waterproof feature has been greatly improved because of that.

The antenna has been re-designed for an even better connection, making you want to play discreetly wherever you are. It gives more pressure on your G-Spot because of the improvement in the intensity of the vibrations. The vibrations are quieter than the previous versions, taking stimulations onto a new level.

You can have fun inside & outside of your bedroom, because of the silent, and powerful vibrating egg.

Lush 3 is unique in many aspects: wireless, wearable, comfortable, and nearly silent. Designed for solo play, discreet public play, and even long-distance couples. The toy is also introducing its services for Cam Girls. Girls in Pornhub and many other adult websites, are already getting Lush 3 to get controlled by you ♡ The app also allows you to have a little chat (sexting) before with the other, to make the play more exciting!

Powerful Tips To Play With Lush 3

1) Lush 3 can be used as foreplay in any part of your body.
It doesn’t necessarily have to be inside you, be creative and use it wherever you want! Its powerful vibrations won’t disappoint you in any aspect.

*Use water-based lube only, as oil-based and silicone-based lubricants can harm the silicone. And do not boil it in hot water to sanitize it, just need to use soap and water to wash it.

2) Using Lush 3 in Public

This is a great opportunity for people who haven’t tried it before. Let your phone, partner or people online control you while you’re out for grocery, shopping, or even on a romantic date. You can also give yourself an orgasm anywhere & anytime you want, as long as you downloaded the app on your phone!

Try your best to conceal any suspicious facial expressions and suppress the moans;)

3) Using Surprising Vibration Patterns Created by…

- Make your own pattern! No one knows your body better than you ♡
One of the app’s greatest features is allowing the users to create their own pattern, to explore what is the most suitable vibration pattern for them.

There are few options to choose from, in the pattern option. When choosing the 1 Vibrator option, you’ll be able to control the vibrator that you’re currently connected to.

When you create the pattern for your vibrator, there are 2 modes: Loop & Float.

Loop: The pattern that you’ve drawn will keep on repeating over and over. You can make it short or long.

Float: Just like the name says, this pattern will float in the spot that you put it to stay, keeping a straight vibration.

You can adjust the pattern however you like, it’s even more convenient than using a vibrator since you can easily swap speeds and patterns at the instance that you want. When you’re playing with yourself, it is important to know what your body wants, and this toy allows you to choose exactly what you want.

- You Can also try out the patterns others created
Users are already creating many different vibration patterns and uploading them on the app. You can also choose if you want to play with 1 or 2 vibrators, the rotation, and contractions (and even save them as your favorites!)

4) Online Hookup
Other than playing with your partner, you can find new users in the app. Because Lush 3 doesn’t have a limit on the range of control, it gives you the freedom to be connected to anyone that you want.

Want a quick hookup?

Just give your surname and let strangers control you for a special sensation.

5) Earning Money with Lovense’s Toys

The brand has gone a step further and integrated with webcam websites, such as amateur.tv, xcams and stripchat, and many others. On these websites, the toy users can receive tokens from customers and be controlled by them. You can also let your customer experience a unique stream by playing different games, on different adult websites.

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A Lush 3 Review & Love Story by Fiery Amber

"No Wonder Why Lush 3 is so Popular,
It’s a Complete Different Level of Pleasure!"

It Strengthens Our Long Distance Relationship.

My boyfriend and I have been in Long-Distant Relationship for quite a long time, and once we saw the new Lush 3 out, we decided to get it for me, to spice things up ♡

The app is very easy to use, you can choose a close range for self-play, or long distance, to control or to be controlled. The toy has many patterns and speeds already created by other users, but if you want to feel a special connection with your partner, you have the option to create one, save and send it.

We loved the concept of being connected without being physically present.

The play was very enjoyable: we explored the many options available and decided which one was more suitable for my body. We both felt more connected to each other as he was giving me a unique sensation created by him only.

Usually, people will think that when it comes to sex, the stronger the better. But it’s not always like that.

We started playing mild and continued it until the end. Why? Because he knows how I like to play with myself, and decided to use his experience to make me cum. Plus, my orgasm lasts longer when the strength of the toy is not at max~

There were times when he controlled the vibration up and down, which turned me on so much.

While he created the pattern for me, he really enjoyed watching me feeling good because of him.

We played with this toy a couple of times, and so far, this is the best toy that we’ve ever used, because he could please me from miles away.

There was a time that I went out with my friends and he begged me to let him control me. I thought it would be interesting as my friends and I were planning to catch up with some coffee, so I agreed and we secretly video-called each other while I had my friends talking. While I was enjoying my time there, every time I finished talking, my boyfriend would turn on the vibration and see my face, while he was masturbating on the other side of the screen.

It was a very exciting and dangerous play, yet fascinating as Lush 3 made our LDR public-play possible.

After playing with this toy a couple of times, I felt like the connection between us was even stronger, thanks to this clever toy. It helped us to be sexually connected, even though we’re not physically there to please each other.

So don’t miss this opportunity and try Lush 3 with your partners now!