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How to Insert, Remove & Clean a Menstrual Cup

After learning how to measure the height of your cervix and choosing the right cup for yourself, now you have to learn how to insert, remove and clean a menstrual cup.

Please check this guide if you don’t know How to Find the Right Menstrual Cup for Yourself?
How to Find the Right Menstrual Cup for Yourself?►►

Inserting a Menstrual Cup

Step 1: Clean your fingers thoroughly, and make sure there is no residue of alcohol or hand sanitizer (such material could harm the private area and erode the silicone cup)
Step 2: Fold the cup


Punch-Down Fold

Step 3:Apply water-based lube around the cup OR at the vaginal opening for smoother insertion
Step 4:Squat or lift a leg up like you’re about to do a karate kick and try to relax your vagina
Step 5:Insert the folded cup in at an angle towards your back, not straight up
Step 6:Push it in until you feel a “pop” meaning the cup is unfolded and suctioned onto the cervix opening
Step 7:If unsure, trace your finger around the base, if sealed and suctioned, there should not have any crease and instead be round
*Cautions for ladies who have high cervix:
• Please do not put the menstrual cup at the top, near the opening of the cervix. It would be difficult to remove
• The tip of the menstrual cup should be just sitting above the vaginal opening

Removing a Menstrual Cup

Step 1: Clean your fingers thoroughly
Step 2:Squat or lift a leg up like you’re about to do a karate kick and try to relax your vagina
Step 3:Before pulling onto the stem, it’s easier to go more inwards and squeeze around the base
Step 4:Push your pelvic muscles, or do the same as Step 2
Step 5:Then pull the cup out at the same time
Step 6:When unsealed, grip onto the stem for a firmer grip

Cleaning a Menstrual Cup:

Before & After you use the cup:

  • Boil in at least 3 cups of water for a minimum of 5 minutes; when fully dried, store in case / bag

During Period/In-Between Cycles:

    At Home:
  • Rinse it with water and non-irritating soap
  • Can also use the sex toy cleaning spray

  • In a Public Restroom:
  • Bring a bottle of water with you into the bathroom, remove your cup and dispose of its contents. Then, rinse the cup with your water bottle over the toilet.
  • You may not get it completely clean but this will help to dispel any stubborn clots and many ladies find it easier to insert if the cup is a little wet.

PLEASE DO NOT USE ALCOHOL to disinfect the toys, since alcohol erodes the toys’ surface, forming a plethora of pores that cannot be seen by the naked eye. If the toys are originally non-porous, alcohol can make them porous, so bacteria can be easily harboured. The toys would get sticky, and using them repeatedly is a direct route to infection, negatively impacting your sexual organs.

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