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Roomfun Leather Racket - Black

Brand: RoomFun

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The classic spanking tool suitable for all levels! If you are someone who enjoys some spanking, this leather-made racket is a great toy to start with in your exploration of spanking toys, or one to warm up with more intense spanking. The material ensures the comfortably painful punishment that one craves, while a short handle helps users with some versatile spanking.

Product Review

好好握! 好好拍! 無介紹錯!
Reviewer:匿名, 2021/1/13 下午 08:44:42

Product Details

Striking the leather and relatively larger flat surface onto thighs, butt or back, it creates the thuddy feeling strong enough to leave one wanting more. The pain it produces might not be as intense as its counterparts, which is why it is the perfect toy for curious couples or a spicy foreplay for experienced partners.

The structure and material of the racket contribute to the right amount of painful pleasure - the short handle makes it easier for users to control the rate of swinging, especially suitable for those who get turned on from quick spanks; the leather texture safely leaves beautiful spank marks that easily turn on users.

Product characteristics:
- Moderate pain level
- For short distance spanking
- Short handle
- Large surface area
- Thuddy spanking feeling
- Great for entry level play or foreplay
- Durable

- Material: PU leather, Metal and Paper
- Length: 23.5cm
- Weight: 0.06kg

Imported from USA