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Toynary SM40 Eyes Cover Hood

Brand: Toynary

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One mouth and nothing else, yet there are so many possibilities with it. Hear the moans come out clearly from the mouth, and have the eyes covered by the extra layer of comfortable eye mask. You won’t be able to see a thing, but the mouth can taste the waters for you. Make out and do as much oral as you want with the hood on.

Toynary SM40 Eyes Cover Hood - Small

ID: 9195

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1pc / 44g


Toynary SM40 Eyes Cover Hood - Large

ID: 9196

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1pc / 49g


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Product Details

The hood is made of smooth, silky fabric, guaranteed to provide comfort when the whole head is covered. The mouth is also exposed, granting them access for some mouth play, be it making out or oral sex.

When the hood reveals only the wearer's mouth, there is no need to worry about any contorted facial expressions. Partners can see through the holes their moaning mouth giving out moans, indicating much pleasure. They can truly let go and show any kind of expression.

Product Characteristics:
- Silky smooth fabric
- Covers the entire head excluding mouth

- Material: silk-like cloth

Made in China