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Oninder - App Controlled Rotating Rabbit Vibe

Brand: Oninder

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The rabbit vibrator with the best thought design in the world. It has been tested on a group of 100 women and the grade provided is 9.9 points

Oninder - App Controlled Rotating Rabbit Vibe - Pink

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Product Details

The rabbit vibrator with the best thought design in the world. It has been tested on a group of 100 women and the grade provided is 9.9 points. A versatile star. With ONINDER RABBIT & ROTATION it allows you not to have to choose just one so you can focus both inside and outside at the same time! But you don't always have to feel like the same thing, right?

The critically praised rabbit vibrator is unique in the world! Made with the softest and most body-safe silicone in two stunning new colours, ONINDER RABBIT & ROTATION is the perfect dual action massager that will allow you to achieve a satisfying result. The option of simultaneous stimulation of the G-spot and the clitoris allows you to enjoy powerful stimulation and release all your pent up inhibitions.

ONINDER RABBIT & ROTATION has ten exquisite levels of vibration that offer a wide range of orgasmic possibilities at different intensities.

Thanks to the ROTATION technology and its two synchronized motors, Oninder Rotation&Vibration moves like the rough sea in your body vibrating bunny; Designed to maintain constant contact with the clitoris during even your wildest thrusts, RABBIT & ROTATION flexes to deliver powerful G-spot and clitoral vibrations at the same time.

Insert the internal G-spot stimulator into the vagina and rest the external clitoral stimulator on the clitoris. The curved part of the stimulator stays on the clitoris and flexes with each movement.

Oninder Rabbit & Rotation is waterproof (IPX7), so it's easy to enjoy anywhere and easy to clean.
The flexible outer arm ensures constant contact with the clitoris.

Enjoy double vibrations on the G-spot and on the clitoris, and experience the mixed orgasm.
The internal G-spot stimulator can be adjusted to fit your unique body shape.

Unlock new toy control features with the Oninder app. Touch the screen of your smartphone to change the vibration and intensity settings, even from a distance.
Extremely Quiet - The highest sound level of 55dB allows you to use it anywhere, anytime completely discreetly.

Oninder allows you to increase or decrease the intensity of the vibrations. With multi-vibration you can do more: choose between different vibration patterns or switch motors when using a dual-motor toy.

Long distance
Control your partner's pleasure through the ONINDER app or have them control you, regardless of physical distance. With the option to synchronize your toys to feel the same sensations, we promise that sex by video or by phone will never be the same again.

Public game
Use a toy with a partner in different public places and see if you can hold back the moaning.

Solo game
Sex toys allow you to increase your self-esteem and personal happiness. With our application an ONINDER toy and a little imagination, life is at your feet for as long as you need.

Text/audio/video chat
long distance control
sync with your music
Long Distance Sex
Compatible with:

iPhone/iPad Air/iPad Mini/iPod Touch iOS 11.0 and above
Android 4.3 and above with Bluetooth 4.0 enabled