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Je Joue - Vesta Vibro Butt Plug

Brand: Je Joue

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The Vesta butt vibrator is designed for a silky smooth experience.

Je Joue - Vesta Vibro Butt Plug - Black

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1pc / 150g


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Product Details

The Vesta butt vibrator is designed for a silky smooth experience. Vesta, which name means pure, is a silky soft droplet that will sweetly satisfy your derriere like no other. Its petite stature will allow for ease of use and the surprisingly powerful and low-frequency rumbling vibrations will penetrate your pleasure spots from deep within.

Vesta's petite statue allows for ease of use whilst the surprisingly powerful low-frequency vibrations stimulate your pleasure spots deeply.

With a water-based lube to hand, massage a droplet around your anus and apply a few drops to Vesta diretly before teasing the area with the sex toy tip.

Slide the Vesta's soft tapered tip into your body, allowing yourself time to adjust to the sensations before experimenting with the butt plug vibrations.

When you are using the Vesta, give the butt plug remote to a partner to add vibes of spontaneity.

We recommend washing your toys after every use. You can buy toy cleaner or you can simply wash in soapy water and leave in a cool place to dry. Then store somewhere safe (you don't want to lose track of your favourite toy).

5 speeds and 7 patterns
USB rechargeable
100% Bodysafe
100% waterproof
100% Vegan

A silky-smooth butt plug which is great for those new to anal play.

Height: 117mm / 17.7cm
Width (including base): 62.5mm / 6.25cm
Depth: 29.6mm / 2.96cm
Insertable Length: 105mm / 10.5cm
Weight 75.6g