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Je Joue - Hera Rabbit

Brand: Je Joue

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The iconic Rabbit - redesigned for the modern Queen! Hera is the world's softest, sleekest rabbit vibrator.

Je Joue - Hera Rabbit - Fuchsia

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Product Details

The iconic Rabbit - redesigned for the modern Queen! Hera is the world's softest, sleekest rabbit vibrator. The soft, squishy tip provides deep, rumbly vibrations directly to your G-Spot, while the flexible thumb stimulates more of your external clitoris, for the ultimate blended orgasm.

Hera's motor is designed to vibrate at an ultra-low frequency to give our signature Je Joue oh-so-low rumbling vibrations. These vibrations travel further through the body, accessing more internal nerve endings and pleasure points, for a totally mind-blowing, full-body orgasm.

With 5 speeds and 7 patterns, Hera offers a wide range of vibrations – from a gentle purr to a deep rumble.

USB rechargeable silicone rabbit vibrator for blissful blended orgasms
5 speeds and 7 patterns for tailored play
Contoured for precision stimulation of your pleasure points
Suitable for both internal and external stimulation
100% waterproof for easy cleaning and hotter-than-hot baths
100% Vegan vibrator

With its sleek and ergonomical design, Hera can arouse your G-spot and clitoris simultaneously. Offering spongy but direct G-spot stimulation along with a broad clitoral stimulator, you can enjoy the best of the deep rumbling vibrations for combined orgasmic bliss.

Here are a few tips on how to get started

Begin using Hera externally to warm up. With a small amount of water-based lube over the spongy tip of the rabbit “ears” (or clitoral stimulator), massage your clitoris. You can then use the spongy tip of the G-spot arm to massage your vaginal opening until you are aroused enough to enter mindfully. Enjoy the flexibility of the clitoral stimulator as you rock the rabbit to hit your G-spot.

Depending on your mood, you might decide you only want clitoral or G-spot vibrations at any given time. So make sure you explore the different vibration patterns and strengths by clicking through the settings and volume buttons.